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Frequently Asked Questions 
How do I contact you? 
You can reach us by phone or by email between 9 am and 4 pm.  If you leave a voicemeail after these hours,  we will do our best to respond to you the next business day. Please feel free to leave us a note with comments or suggestions, because your feedback is important to us.

Will I have the same Cleaner each visit? 
We will do our best to ensure you have your regular cleaner, but this is not always possible to due illness, vacations, etc. Our cleaners will always respect your home. Their only purpose while in your home is to clean. 

Do you have a guarantee? 
We have built our business on reputation by providing our clients with the best possible service. Because we are human, we know that from time to time, things will be missed. Should this happen, please let us know by phone or email and we will make it right at no charge to you. 
What supplies do I need to provide? 
We provide our own cleaning products, and have green products available upon request. If you have specific products that you prefer our cleaners to use, just leave them out and we will gladly use them. 
How will the cleaner know what I expect?
Because we want to know your biggest needs and expectations, we take the time to arrange a walk thru prior to your house cleaning.  This gives us a chance to walk with you through your home and make notes of the things you want cleaned and make notes of rooms you may not want cleaned.  This also allows us to give you a fair price assessment.  We will then pass along our notes to your cleaner. 
Do I need to pick up before the cleaner arrives? 
The better your house is picked up the better job we can do for you. If there are dishes, laundry, projects etc. - no problem, we will skip these areas until the next visit. Often putting clutter in a container (Dollar Store is good for this) helps. Getting things up off the floor by putting them on beds or the couch helps too. If you just can’t get things organized before we come, no problem, just know we will clean what we can get to.
How do I pay for services? 
Payment by check, cash, or credit card is due in full on the day of your service. We can also send invoices through paypal. 
What is the weather policy?
We follow the same weather policy as the Bentonville public school system.  If the schools are closed due to inclement weather, then we will be closed as well. If this happens, we will call to reschedule your cleaning. 
What happens if I cancel or change my time? 
We ask that you give us a 2-day notice when cancelling your scheduled service. This will help us in finding our staff members another job that day.
What happens if something is broken?
If you have something that is priceless and/or irreplaceable please put it away. It is very rare, but occasionally something gets broken. Your house cleaner will let our office know right away, leave you a note and the item. If you would like us to replace it, we will do our best, but this is not always possible. Please inform us at your initial cleaning of items in your home that we should avoid and/or are in ill repair, i.e. a picture not professionally hung, loose knobs/handles, etc.
What do you do with pets? 
Due to potential health risks, we do not clean litter boxes, urine or feces. If you have a pet that is the least bit aggressive, it will need to be absent from the areas we are cleaning.

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