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Abstract Cleaning Services is launching an ALL NEW Green Cleaning Line! Why are we doing this? Because many ingredients in the common household cleaning products are harmful to our health. Most consumers aren’t aware of the hidden dangers these popular cleaning products present to our health. 

Research points to the toxic effects of not only active but also inactive ingredients – hazards that can affect the central nervous system, reproductive systems and other vital bodily systems. Consumers often don’t have the time or know where to go to find important information about the products they use. To make matters worse, the information is often presented in highly scientific language that may be difficult to interpret. But there are a growing number of consumer-friendly resources that can help us sort through all of this information and understand what we need to know to make the best possible choices for our families with regard to household cleaners, disinfectants and polishes.

Taking a greener approach to cleaning can help you feel better physically. But you’ll probably also feel better mentally, knowing you are creating a safer environment for yourself, your family and your pets.
If you would like to take advantage of our new GREEN cleaning products, please request this when setting up your house cleaning.  Our NEW green cleaners are non-toxic and biodegradable and have been created just for our company. They are not harmful to you, your children, your pets, the environment, or the earth. They are free of chemicals, dyes, additives, fragrances, and stabilizers. 

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